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Boston Trip, Days 1 & 2

Day 1 (Thursday): Up at 5 am for a 7am flight. It made sense when I booked it, but can’t remember why it made sense. Flight was uneventful except for this awful teen romance movie which ended in the main character being hit by a car. I guess they were trying to follow the Titanic model.
Landed at Logan, and caught the T to Government Center and wandered down to Fanieul Hall. Had several hours to kill with our bags so we took a trolley ride around the city. The driver was very knowledgeable and gave A a good base map of the city and gave me a refresher.
After we headed back to Quincy Market and grabbed some lunch. Rowan arrived, so we ditched our bags in her car and wandered the North End. We wandered through The Old North Church, but not the Old North Gift Shoppe, and Copps Hill Burial Ground. Had some fantastic Cannolli and Tiramasu cause well it’s the North End.
T’d over to Kenmore where I showed A and R my old apartment building. Then spent some time wandering through the Victory Gardens.
Headed to China Town for w very tasty dinner at Pho Pasteur then walked up to the Commons where we watched a toddler frolic with a puppy before heading back to the car and Rowan driving us to Abington and Kelly & Alastair’s place.

Next morning, Alastair gave us a ride to commuter rail and we met Rowan at the aquarium. We wound up getting City Passes and spent the morning in the Aquarium and seeing them perform surgery on an eel. Then we walked back to Quincy Market and had lunch at Durgin Park.
The trolley ride came with a Charles River Cruise so Rowan bought a ticket and we enjoyed that immensely. The gentleman giving the info had excellent patter, and I did not know Google Earth will give measurements in smoots.
We then headed to Coppley and strolled through the farmers market before heading to the Pru and spending a few hours enjoying the views at the sky walk.
Walled some of Newbury St and then took the T out to Brookline and had a sushi dinner. The unagi was tasty but did make me hope the eel at the aquarium survived the operation.

Wandered a bit of Copley then took Rowans car with us back to Abington as parking is better there. Got to Abington and fell asleep immediately.

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Which SCA title should I use?

The College of Arms updated their Alternate Titles list in March of this year. The slavic interest group has further details on the alternate Russian titles. Of the available titles, which one do you think i should use?

Poll #1616573 SCA Title

Which SCA title should I use?

Boiarin (pronounced bo-yar-een) - for ranks from AoA to Bestowed PoA
Posadnik (pronounced poh-sahd-neek) - Baron; "governor of a city-state"
Voevoda (pronounced voy-yeh-vohd-ah) - Baron; Means "commander" or "governor"; military overtones

Which SCA title should I use?

The College of Arms updated their Alternate Titles list in March of this year. The slavic interest group has further details on the alternate Russian titles. Of the available titles, which one do you think i should use?

EDIT: That was full of fail… please go here to vote.

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TVR Schedule: Monthly

TVR Schedule: TV Calendar, Listings, Episode Guide. What’s on your tv?.

I have been a long time user of CAT: Calendar for TV but it was slow to update etc. This new one seems to be much more up to date. Full functionality doesn’t seem to tb there yet, but it is making strides.

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Potential Upcoming SCA Event Attendance

Event Date Location Likelihood
Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday August 27-29 Blacksburg, SC Possible day trip
Tournament of the Golden Rose September 4 Apex, NC Probably not
Battle for the HMS Raven’s Cove September 18 Richlands, NC Possible day trip 
MATO III Beyond the Silk Road September 24-26 Apex, NC Highly likely – possibly camping
Coronation October 1-3 Blacksburg, SC Possible day trip 
War of the Wings V October 7-10 Booneville, NC Highly likely – possibly camping
Unevent December 5 (?) TBD Peer Up!
Twelfth Night January 8 Morehead City, NC Highly Likely, Capitain!
University February 5 TBD Probably not 
Ymir February 18-20 TBD Highly Likely, Capitain!
Nottinghill Coill Baronial Birthday February 25-27 Bennettsville, SC Possible day trip
KASF March 5 TBD Possible
Coronation April 2 TBD Possible

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FL Pics Posted

Finally posted the pics from Adam/Lukas’ & my FL trip last month. There are pics of ducks for Rohesia and a chair for Rowan. Enjoy!

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August 20, 1940

The gratitude of every home in our Island, in our Empire, and indeed throughout the world, except in the abodes of the guilty, goes out to the British airmen who, undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and mortal danger, are turning the tide of the World War by their prowess and by their devotion. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

– Winston Churchill

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Butterflies & Airplanes

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. – Chaos Theory

In contemplating the events of last week I have realized that air traffic is actually the perfect embodyment of chaos theory. In our case, a windtsorm in the north east causes flight repurcussions up to three days later in Florida.

Who knows how long it took the airlines to recover in terms of getting planes repositioned, crews where they needed to be, passangers and their luggage where they were going. And at how much of a cost?

The system is finely tuned for efficiency, but it is so finely tuned that the least stressor causes havoc. If all goes well, then, well, all goes well. But one small grain of sand in a cog of the system has long ranging repurcussions.

No real point, just an observation.

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Goodbye Tracy – Your Flight is Delayed

Monday morning, Sunneva calls. She had taken Tracy to the vet and we should expect a call from the vet.  We are in Florida visiting my folks, Disney, and NASA. We are set to fly home the next day on a direct flight. The vet calls, and Tracy has another urinary blockage. Through the day and several phone calls attempts to catheterize him fail and there are two options left – another more intense surgery, or euthanasia. Adam & I discuss it and decide that it is time. The vet will keep him comfortable and our flight lands at 5 on Tuesday, enough time to get to the vet and say our goodbyes. Worst case they will keep him on pain meds and express his bladder and we will be there first thing Wednesday.

Tuesday we pack and go online to check in. Wait, why does the boarding pass say the flight leaves at 5:40 and not 3? Quick call to the airline and confirm – flight is delayed. Call and reschedule our ride to the airport, finish packing, and hang with the folks some more including a lunch of leftover lamb shanks from Flakowitz.

We get to the airport at 4:15 and check in and told the flight is now 6:30. Bad weather in the northeast is wreaking havoc with all the air traffic on the eastern seaboard. We go to the bar and wait and watch as the flight slowly gets later and later until finally – canceled. We go stand in line with a hundred and fifty other people and finally are told they can get us home on a direct flight Friday arriving at 5, or on a change over through JFK on Thursday at midnight. Two options pick one. We choose Thursday at midnight, are given a hotel voucher and a voucher for a single meal – yes, we are stuck two extra days but they only give one meal voucher – we are told to submit the receipts for the remaining meals.

We get to the hotel and I call the airline. I am told they can get us home tomorrow (Wednesday) if we can get o West Palm Beach. Its a 2:20 flight, arrives at JFK at 6pm, and then there is a flight from JFK to Raleigh at 10pm getting in at midnight. We feel its a race against time and take the flight with no idea of how we are going to get to PBI from the hotel, but its 10pm we are hungry and that is tomorrows problem.

We order pizza and I go across the street to the gas station and grab some wine. They have a nice wine selection but not a single cork screw. I trudge back to the hotel and ask for a cork screw and am told they dont have one. They suggest the other hotel next to the gas station. I go back across the street where the nice bar tended opens my wine and gives me glasses. And I am not even staying there. She gets a nice tip.

We wake up and I call my cousin. No sooner are the words describing our situation out of my mouth and he says that he is on his way.We watch TV and talk about Tracy and I tell Adam I can almost feel him nuzzling against my glasses. We cry. Charlie, my cousin, gets to the hotel and we load up the car and are off to West Palm. I ell Charlie that if he ever needs a kidney I would help him hold down one of his brothers so we could get one. He laughs and tells me he doesn’t drink that hard anymore so he probably wont need one but if he does he will let me know.

We get to West Palm Beach airport, say goodbye to Charlie, and go check in. We go to the gate and, of course the flight is delayed.

We go get some lunch at the Chili’s in the terminal. I look at the menu and dont see the El Presidente. I ask and am told that despite it not being on the menu, they do have it. I order one and Adam says “I’ll have the same.” A few minutes go by and the bar tender brings us an El Presidente and a Sam Adams. We get that cleared up and Adam orders a cheese steak and is told they dont have that any more. So, we accept that the menus are useless and move on. Food comes, and we are asked if we want another round. We say no, and the waitress replies “ok, two more Presidentes coming up” OK, menu is useless and the wait staff doesnt listen. Great. We finish eating, pay and get back to the gate.

The flight finally boards takes off and lands at JFK about an hour late. Not too bad as we had a four hour layover ahead of us. We find the gate, wonder around browsing the shops, read, get some less full of fail dinner, and head back to teh gate. Flight is delayed.

They finally board us and we sit on the plane. Finally, a flight attendant comes on and announces that she lives in Raleigh and is trying to get home. The flight crew is one attendant down due to other plane delays and they are checking to see if she is legal to work this flight so they can get us off the ground. Adam looks at me and comments that he will believe we are getting home when the plane actually lands and we get off and get our bags.

The plane finally does land at about 1:30 and Wystric is there, G-d bless him, to pick us up.  He takes us home, we go and get Garbo from Charlotte and all four of us – Adam, Hepbrun, Garbo and me – collapse on the couch together and fall asleep.

We wake up at around 8:30 and head over to the vets. We spend some time with Tracy saying goodbye and let him pass gently into the night. The last thing he does when I hold him is nuzzle my glasses leaving a big streak across the left lens. I drive home and type this up and still have not cleaned my glasses. Goodbye, buddy.


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Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?

If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

Personal Finance. Before they hit college and get the 'starter credit card applications' - make sure theuy understand how to budget, and what the actual cost of buying things on credit. Might then go into the larger economic system so they get that its a closed system - a butetrfly flaps its wings on wall street and suddenly your in a heck of a lot of financial trouble that you didnt think you could be in. Arm kids to live in our current world.

Trevor – Must Watch

Went to a program over lunch sponsored by the company’s diversity networks. It included a showing of the 1994 Best Live Action Short film Trevor with an introduction by Ellen DeGeneres. Below is the intro and the trailer for the short is here. Please watch them, and if you get an opportunity to see the full short, do watch it. And stop by the Trevor Project’s home page.

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-07

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Major Geek

major geek

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Amusing or maybe just WTF???

From one of my colleagues in Poland:

Well, I don’t know why but that brings a memory of what I read about Lord of the rings….

You see, back in the communist era, there were people that were writing things aligned to what the party’s doctrine was and so some idiot wrote a review of the LotR

And so in his review, sauron was a poor land owner who was struggling with adverse actions lead by the revolutionary hobbits who were ugly sinners because they were so close with each other and wanted to grab Sauron’s land.

Totally skewed view of the whole book. Now, it’s entertaining to read, hehe.

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9 <> Nine

We brought Garbo over to Gaston & Rosalind’s to play with Bogart & Fozzy. Once the dogs got exhausted, we decided to go to a movie. Gaston recommended 9 and we watched the trailer:

 and agreed it sounded interesting. We looked and it was playing at the dollar theater. We go, get drinks and popcorn, watch the coming attractions, and then the movie starts. And what we see is this:

Not a movie I even heard of, but one I am very glad I saw. I highly recommend it. Oh, and be Italian!

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Another brain trust question

For those of you with iPhones, what are your must have apps? What Apps can you not live without?

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Asking the brain trust…

OK, my blackberry pearl is two years old, the battery barely holds a charge, and the trackball is flaky at best. Most of the time it wont scroll down. So, its time for a new phone. I am staying with AT&T, but not sure what to do about a phone. Hence I need your advice.

Option 1: Refurbished iPhone 3G 8GB for $50. Currently showing as out of stock on the web page so I would need to wait until they restock. Supposedly has the full one year warranty from Apple.

Option 2: New iPhone 3G 8GB for $100. Available now, from the web page, Apple Store, or the AT&T store.

Option 3: Motorola Backflip for $100 (after $100 rebate). Not released until March 7.

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Superbowl Ads

My favorite Superbowl ads:

Mars’ Snickers: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry
Very clever.

Doritos: Underdog
Made me laugh out loud.

Bridgestone Whale of a Tale
Free Willy meets Bachelor Party – how could you go wrong?

Intel: Lunchroom Boast
Appeals to me as a geek.

Volkswagen: PunchDub
I think I still have a bruise from when I was a kid and someone yelled “Punch Bug Yeelow!”

Coke: Sleepwalker
Just beautiful.

Google: Search On
Simple, compeliing and touching.

FloTV: Moments
Ah, nastaglia. And The Who meets Will-I-Am.

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The saying goes "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

But true friends are the ones who are there for you when you are in need.

A & I are fortunate to be blessed with many true friends.

Thank you all.

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DC Gay Marriage

Marriage equality took a big step forward recently, as our nation’s capital became the latest jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage. Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the legislation in an emotional ceremony, one in which he discussed the discrimination his own parents — an interracial couple — had faced in the 1960’s. It was great news for supporters of marriage equality — and supporters of equality, period.

Read more & sign the petition.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-22

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-17

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Pet Insurance

After Tracy got sick last year, I spent a significant amount of time investigating pet insurance. I settled on Pet Plan based upon reviews, feedback, the cost and coverage, etc. It looks like this was a wise choice.

If anyone has a pet but does not have pet insurance, I strongly recommend you get some. If you would like a referral to Pet Plan, please let me know (and make sure I have your email) and I will gladly give you one.

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